We’ve all done it! We’ve all judged someone’s hobby or leisure activity. I’ve done it for sure. I’ve said- “I can’t believe someone would spend that much money for a bass boat and fishing tackle to attempt to lasso a little fish. Do the math- it doesn’t add up! Or, how about this one! People who spend all weekend at a beauty pageant for kids? (when we all know they (children) are precious and beautiful) Better yet, my friends who go all over the country to smack a little white ball with expensive clubs on a golf course.

Then one day it hit me; Gee whiz man-look at what you do! You attend beauty pageants for COWS! How bizarre does that sound to the rest of the world? The fact that I love it does not mean that it’s the end all of things to do in our leisure time. How many of my friends think; “poor Craig – he’s going to another beauty pageant for —-COWS!! He’s lost it! The poor guy thinks a cow pageant is important.”

So, does my passion for this bovine beauty pageant activity create a hierarchy in the worlds most important things to do? Nope! But it’s what I enjoy, it’s a passion, a freedom and an opportunity to explore my creativity. It is work – yet relaxing.  So too, my golf friends would say, about their passion for golf. My fishing friends as well.

Wouldn’t life be boring if we all had the same passion? So, enjoy your golf, softball, fishing or whatever and I will enjoy my beauty pageant for the bovine beast. And the next time I am tempted to judge the passion of a fellow human – I will remember how my passion must seem silly in the world’s eyes. So, enjoy your passion and chase it with reckless abandon and always remember to give God “thanks” for your ability to do that what you love!


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