Persistence. What does that mean? We have all taught our children to never quit. To persist means to forge on. Those who know me know that I draw meaning and life principles from God’s word. The bible says a lot about persistence. Proverbs 26:16 for instance. Galatians 6:9 likewise speaks of the rewards of being persistent. Jesus in Luke 11:5-11 spoke on persistence. Persistence is key to pleasing God it appears. In fact, every person in the Bible that ever did anything worth God mentioning had a common element of persistence. Men like Gideon, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, David, and women like Ruth and Esther.

In our nation, we have seen our success hinges on those who were persistent. Abraham Lincoln was coined the most unsuccessful person for a period of time. Ole Abe lost every election and failed at every business until he won the presidency at age 52. He could have quit at any time but he persisted in what he felt was his calling.

Persistence is getting up when you get knocked down.

Persistence is that divine fire in your bones that burns with white-hot intensity that hell and high-water can’t put out. Persistence takes God at His word, mounts up and moves forward.

Persistence does not hesitate, does not look over its shoulder and dwell on yesterday’s mistakes or failures. Persistence is not manipulated by the lie that “I must have everyone’s approval”. Persistence does not play the “Blame Game”.

It appears that our world is moving away from the principle of Persistence and gravitating to the “name it claim it” or “I want it NOW” premise. The result is an upcoming society that is spoiled rotten and allergic to hard work and dedication.

America was built on hard work, dedication, persistence and a reliance on “one Nation under God”!  Am I the only one that is concerned about the eroding of our basic principles?

Persist and move forward my friends!


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